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A 30-Year Sweetheart Deal

Brace yourself - Springfield may have another increase in mind for you. This Spring, legislators are considering a bill to raise your electric bill for 30 years to subsidize a single coal plant proposed by Tenaska, an out of state company.

Tenaska's coal plant is so expensive, so dirty, and so risky that they can't finance it with investors. Now they're looking for a bailout for their $3.5 billion coal plant, and they're looking right at you.

Tenaska's plan is simple - get Springfield to pass a law that forces you to buy the power from their coal plant for 30 years. And the cost? It's certainly no bargain - according to the Illinois Commerce Commission, Tenaska's power will cost nine times the current market price.

We don't need the power, and we certainly don't need extra pollution. Why on earth would Springfield approve the Tenaska Tax?

Tenaska knows this is a tough sell. They've hired dozens of the most connected lobbyists in Springfield to convince your State Representative and Senator to put you on the hook to buy their dirty coal power for 30 years.

Tell your legislators to vote NO on the Tenaska Tax. If Springfield hears your voice, we don't have to bail out Tenaska, and can move beyond coal to clean energy in Illinois.